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Whisky a Go Go, 1968
21 juni 2024
officiële release 128


disc 1:
  1. Whisky Improvisation: Episode I
  2. America Drinks & Goes Home
  3. Help I'm A Rock/Transylvania Boogie
  4. My Boyfriend's Back
  5. Bust His Head
  6. Tiny Sick Tears Jam
  7. "The Purpose Of This Evening..."
  8. Whisky Improvisation: Episode II
  9. Status Back Baby
10. Memories of El Monte
11. Oh, In The Sky
12. Valerie

disc 2:
  1. "Fun & Merriment"
  2. Hungry Freaks, Daddy
  3. King Kong - Pt. 1
  4. King Kong - Pt. 2
  5. Octandre
  6. Whisky Improvisation: Episode III
  7. Meow
  8. God Bless America
  9. Presentation Of Wings
10. Plastic People
11. Della's Preamble
12. The Duke
13. The Duke - Take 2
14. Khaki Sack

disc 3:
1. The Whip
2. Whisky Chouflée
3. Brown Shoes Don't Make It
4. Brown Shoes Shuffle
5. The Whip (FZ Mix)
6. Hungry Freaks, Daddy (FZ Mono Mix)

Frank Zappa:
lead guitar, percussion, vocals
Ray Collins: vocals, tambourine
Roy Estrada: bass, vocals
Dn Preston: keyboards
Ian Underwood: keyboards, woodwinds
Bunk Gardner: woodwinds
Motorhead Sherwood: barton sax, dancing
Jimmy Carl Black: drums
Arthur Dyer Tripp III: drums, percussion

The Duke-Take 2

  America Drinks & Goes Home  

On July 23, 1968, Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention took over the Whisky a Go Go for an all-night affair. FZ recorded the entire evening with the possibility of an album project. Although bits were released by Zappa over the years, a full live album never happened & the tapes sat in the Vault for 55 years. Now all three sets by The Mothers are being released with brand new mixes in a 3-CD edition with liners by Joe Travers, Pamela Des Barres, & an interview by Ahmet Zappa with Alice Cooper.

Produced by Ahmet Zappa and Joe Travers, this extensive collection, 55-plus years in the making, compiles everything The Mothers of Invention played across their three sets that night. The album is complete and newly remixed in 2023 from hi-res 24-bit/96kHz digital transfers of the original 1” 8-track analog tapes by Craig Parker Adams at Winslow CT Studios.

A Super Deluxe Edition box set will be released on both 5LP 180-gram black vinyl or 3CD, and feature a booklet with many unseen photos from the night’s events, along with copious liner notes by Vaultmeister Joe Travers, an essay by Pamela Des Barres of the Zappa-signed group The GTO’s who played that evening, and an interview by Ahmet Zappa with the legendary Alice Cooper, whose own band made a momentous splash at the Whisky that night as one of the featured acts.

“It truly was a night of nights,” as Travers says in the liners. “The Mothers performance wasn’t perfect, but very good. Frank was in good spirits, the band played well, and the sequence of songs did capture the group’s live repertoire of the time.”

And in her writing, Pamela Des Barres implores you to “listen to all of this album in its entirety and try to envision the Whisky a Go Go that long ago night. It happened in a space and time that will never come again, so buckle up, baby, close your eyes, let your imagination soar, and set your freak free.”

Twee dingen alvast:

Wat fijn dat dit concert 56 jaar na dato alsnog uitgebracht wordt. Zappa had dat plan in 1968 al (zie  poster op de startpagina), maar - behalve op incidentele brokjes na - is dat er nooit van gekomen. Jaren '60 Zappa is altijd goed en dit concert zeker, Zappa maakte er iets speciaals van met het oog op die mogelijke release.

Twee: wat een godsgruwelijk lelijke hoes alweer. Heeft dat iets met de tijdgeest te maken? Zappa had dit nooit zo uitgebracht. Kijk eens naar de aankondigingsposter in het klein daaronder. Dat past al veel beter. Waarom moeten er altijd mensen op de voorzijde? Wees een creatief!Zappahoezenontwerper Cal Schenkel is het helemaal met mij eens. Hij schreef op Facebook, "I thought this was a bootleg because of the art: the graphics really SUCK!"

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