Frank Talk
The Inside Stories of zappa's other People

Pics © Antero Valério
courtesy of Wymer Publishing
Text form Wymer's press release:

Following his highly successful previous book, Zappa The Hard Way, Frank Zappa specialist Andrew Greenaway’s second tome on the influential cult artist is something completely different! Frank Talk: The Inside Stories of Zappa’s Other People is compiled from over 40 interviews Greenaway has conducted during the past three decades, with the people who knew and worked with the legendary composer and musician.

From Zappa's own family (including his brother and sister
and eldest son, Dweezil), through to members of the Mothers of Invention such as Jimmy Carl Black, Roy Estrada & Don Preston - major discoveries like guitarists Warren Cuccurullo (who went on to much success with Duran Duran) & Steve Vai (Alcatrazz / Dave Lee Roth / Whitesnake) plus drummer extraordiniare Terry Bozzio who later formed Missing Persons as well as working with luminaries such as Mick Jagger and Jeff Beck, through to the likes of Ike Willis, Scott Thunes and Mike Keneally who played in Zappa’s last touring band.
Augmented with artwork and caricatures created by noted designer Antero Valério, Frank Talk gives an extraordinary insight into this musical genius that is piled on in layers. With Greenaway’s recognised knowledge of Zappa this book will undoubtedly compliment his previous title and be every bit as revered.
21 juli 2017 verschijnt 'Frank Talk' van collegazappanaat Andrew Greenaway. Andrew host al menig jaar de site 'Idiot Bastard' en voorziet de dorstige Zappafan van heet nieuws en andere wetenswaardigheden. Menigmaal sprak hij met mensen rondom Zappa, zoals zijn (ex-)bendeleden, maar ook familie. Al die interviews zijn door hem nu gebundeld en worden door Wymer Publishing uitgegeven. Antero Valërio maakte prachtige tekeningen; herkent u ze allemaal?
Nadat het boek hier beland is volgt natuurlijk een uitgebreide bespreking. Ondertussen is bestellen al wel mogelijk via de link links.
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